Reflexe prezentací a diskusí na konferenci „Corporate Social Responsibility – Expectations vs. Reality“, která proběhla 15. září 2006 v Praze. Zpracoval člen výkonné rady Trastu Jan Drahokoupil. Pouze anglicky (only english version).

This is an edited version of the presentation that was prepared for the closing speech at the conference. It reflects on the conference presentations and discussions. Due to the time constraints, it was delivered in a very abridged and stylized version at the conference.

First of all, I would like to thank the organizers for making this conference happen. This gave us the opportunity to follow the exceptionally interesting stream of presentations and discussions and made it possible to engage, in a critical way, with the most relevant and extremely interesting topic, which corporate social responsibility (CSR) certainly is. Moreover, as become apparent during the conference, CSR is quite ambiguous and equivocal, if not controversial, topic deserving a critical and systematic scrutiny…

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