Teaching and studying materials from the course Degrowth and Local Economic alternatives [PDF, 34 Mb]

This  document includes all studying and teaching materials which were used during a Czech course on Local Economic Alternatives. It consists of several parts: Basics of degrowth (theory), Local economics alternatives (examples of practice) in the degrowth context and Train-The-Trainer (TTT) module for future trainers of degrowth. These materials should be useful not only for the participants of the course but also for anybody else who wants to learn more, and possibly also discuss and teach about degrowth.

Most of the learning part made use of the so called Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking (RWCT) approach. RWCT provides concrete, practical methods, techniques and strategies integrated into an open but compact system which aims at developing critical thinking and supporting active learning processes. It is based on constructivist pedagogy and builds on the principles of physiological functioning of the human brain which is reflected in the three-stage learning model of E-R-R: Evocation – Realization of meaning – Reflection; see more in the document.

The course took place in Valeč, Czech Republic, 18. – 22. June 2014. Its aims were to provide both deeper understanding and practical experience of degrowth, to experience and reflect on participatory teaching methods applicable to degrowth, to create inspiring environment and facilitate meeting, sharing of ideas and discussion between people who seek an open-minded debate within a a beautiful environment of the baroque village, castle and park of Valeč. More outputs form the course cna be found on co-munity.net.modul cz