Course content (abstract):

In this course we will explore via different methologies and experiences, as well as from the evalution from already ongoing ( transition) projects in a small town in Germany, Witzenhausen, which suffers from big debt payments, the power of community and ways of community building.

The Goal of our course is, to develop creative ways of thinking, being and doing, so that instead of scarcity the „Buen Vivir“ comes in full power in our communities.

We start from the „I narrative“, explore our (gender) roles and our body (language), then shift to the next level, and explore ourselves within the generational context, and different ways of living constructs. We explore the role of birthgiving, caretaking, children and shooling in our society, and link it to the degrowth discourse. In the net step we will go to the commuity level ( village, small town, barrio) and explore aspects around city development and civil participation on a theoretical level, as well as hands-on projects which already run in Witzenhausen and evalute them in the context of degrowth discourse and the level of sucess for community building.

The course will be taken place as well on an organic farm for children and youth projects, as well in the center of the city in the „Culture and Resilience Center“ from Transition Town. Childcare will be provided throughout the whole course.

Organised by: Transition Town Witzenhausen